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DeMilia Research LLC, is a family owned and operated small business that develops web based computer software applications for agricultural pest management and conducts agricultural research experiments on our family farm. We do not have a team of lawyers and wads of cash to defend us against frivilous lawsuits by every scam artist looking for a payday. We are attempting to provide a free public service at a very limited budget. So if you try to cash in, then we may need to simply shut down operations and you will hurt a lot of people without ever making a penny from it. If you have questions about our policies, please contact us at info@demiliaresearch.com.

Our Customer Satisfaction Non-Guarantee

DeMilia Research LLC considers failure to be an accepted part of the discovery process. We provide no guarantee that any product, service, content, or technology will actually work, be relied upon, delivered, or provided to any prior, expected, or unexpected degree. We blatantly refuse to accept any kind of direct or indirect liability as a result of the manner or consequence of our endeavors. In the event that we inadvertently overlook, appropriate, or misuse any copyrighted, propriety, trademarked, patented, or other non-public domain source without permission, fair use rights, or license for re-distribution; we wholeheartedly apologize for doing so and will attempt to rectify the situation to the best of our reasonable ability as soon as the matter is brought to our attention. Please note that the previous disclaimer applies strictly to unwilling outsiders whom we have inadvertently imposed upon. All website users, customers, clients, vendors, partners, or other affiliates of DeMilia Research LLC who contribute content do so at their own peril such that we deny any liability. While DeMilia Research LLC values the security, privacy, and confidentiality of the individual and organizations with which it does business, we cannot operate in a open and free thinking environment if we are subject to potential litigation, reprisal, or retribution. Nevertheless, we can attest that our agricultural researcher and programmers are highly skilled, motivated, and ingenious individuals who endeavor to make our Customer Satisfaction Non-Guarantee to be irrelevant. Most companies hide their legal disclaimers in tiny text in an obscure location using incomprehensable legalese. We prefer to blurt it out in plain English so that there is no misunderstanding. For all practical purposes, there isn't much difference between our policies and others. Now who do you trust more?


We will be providing information about targeted advertising services in the near future. We are adamant that all advertising on our websites be tasteful and appropriately targeted. There we be no annoying banners, pop-up windows, adult advertising, or any of that non-sense. All advertising must consist of products and services that help our users in their farming, gardening, and other endeavors relevant to the website page they are visiting. If you are interested in advertising in the future, please contact us at sales@demiliaresearch.com.

Coming soon. We will have more detailed information about our policies.

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Please contribute to the agricultural research conducted at DeMilia Research LLC by making a donation. If you notice any improperly used copyrighted information then contact us immediately!
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